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Linguix - Write better content faster using AI-powered corrections | Groww your SaaS business

Linguix – Write better content faster using AI-powered corrections

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Business overview

What is Linguix ?

Use Linguix to instantly improve your emails, marketing messages, support content, and more.Linguix help you to improve your content everywhere! Write or paste your sentense to get it checked for gramar and spelling errors. The software underlines mistakes for you to fix.

Linguix is for people whose professional success depends on the quality of writing and communications.


Powered by AI, Linguix allows you to instantly find and eliminate grammar errors, punctuation mistakes, and typos as you write.While you’re typing, you can get context-appropriate recommendations to make your content more clear and compelling.You can easily accept suggestions

Linguix also features a rewriter tool that helps you rephrase complex or unclear sentences for better readability and comprehension.Linguix integrates with Google Docs, Slack, Asana,, and hundreds of other business tools, so you can do your best writing on multiple platforms.


  • Automatically fix writing mistakes and automate everyday typing tasks with smart shortcuts
  • Alternative to: Grammarly and Wordtune
  • Instantly rewrite complex or confusing sentences for better clarity and get context-appropriate recommendations
  • Best for: Marketers, content creators, and sales teams that depend on high-quality, error-free communication


  • Unlimited grammar checker
  • Unlimited premium suggestions
  • Unlimited rewrites per day
  • Unlimited word definitions
  • Rewriter
  • Shortcuts
  • Team management
  • Style guides
  • Performance stats
  • 2M checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
  • AI-based rephrasing
  • Shortcuts for repetitive typing automation
  • Fix 9 million typos
  • Synonyms suggestions
  • Dictionary


This deal provides lifetime access with 3 team members for $ 69 only

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $69

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Business KPI


Traffic: 69.5K /M

Revenue($): 1.3K /M

Moz DA: 41

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