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KeywordSearch-Discover the best keywords for YouTube ads with AI | Groww your SaaS business

KeywordSearch-Discover the best keywords for YouTube ads with AI

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Business overview

What is KeywordSearch?

Keyword research is the process of discovering which words and phrases your target audience is using to search for websites and answers to questions on search engines. A keyword can be one or two words, but it can also take the form of a complete phrase or a question.


  • Keyword research is important because it helps you understand your customers’ buying journey, your competitive landscape, and how to shape your content strategy.
  • In a keyword search, you choose the most important words for your topic – words you would expect to find in every item of interest to you.
  • The system finds all the items with the words you request. A key aspect of keyword searching is choosing the best possible keywords. You need to think before you search.
  • Keyword Search is a suite of AI tools that helps you research high-ranking keywords, videos, channels, and ads on YouTube.
  • A Keyword search looks for words anywhere in the record. Keyword searches are a good substitute for a subject search when you do not know the standard subject heading.
  • Keyword may also be used as a substitute for a title or author search when you have incomplete title or author information. You may also use the Guided Keyword search option to combine search elements, group terms, or select indexes or fields to be searched.


  • Discover high-ranking keywords, YouTube channels, and video placements for your ad campaigns
  • Alternative to: vidIQ ,TubeBuddyand Ahrefs
  • Conduct research in bulk and organize data into targeted collections
  • Best for: YouTubers, content creators, and marketing agencies that want to boost ad ROI on YouTube with smart keyword research
  • Related categories: Marketing, Social Media, SEO


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI
  • AI keyword research
  • Discover similar keywords through machine learning
  • Video placement ad search
  • Competitor channel research
  • Organize your keywords in collections
  • Export collections to CSV or copy to clipboard
  • Advanced search with excluded keywords
  • Audience targeting
  • 100+ countries and languages


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