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Burst – Video CMS & UGC Platform




Business overview

What is Burst?

Burst is a term used in a number of information technology contexts to mean a specific amount of data sent or received in one intermittent operation. It can be contrasted with streamed, paced, or continuous. Generally, a burst operation implies that some threshold has been reached that triggers the burst. Depending on the particular technology, a burst operation can be intermittent at a regular or an irregular rate.


  1. The codes we have considered so far have been designed to correct random errors. In general, a t-error correcting code corrects all error patterns of weight t or less in a codeword of block length n. It may be, however, that certain channels introduce errors
  2. localized in short intervals rather than at random. For example, in storage mediums, errors resulting from physical irregularities or structural alteration, perhaps flaws in the original medium or damage due to wear and tear, are not independent, but rather tend to be spatially concentrated. Similarly, interference over short time intervals in serially transmitted radio signals causes errors to occur in bursts. There exist codes for correcting such burst errors. Many of these codes are cyclic. We briefly consider burst-error correcting codes in this section
  3. Burst makes it easy to curate and group content in a way that makes sense to you and your organization. Copy or move media from one album to another, delete old videos, adjust the order of a playlist, and search for videos by title or content.
  4. In addition to organizing your content, Burst lets you share it with others! Account members can peruse the content library themselves, you can create links to share, or you can embed content on a webpage simply by copy and pasting an embed code.


  • Make uploading, curating, and sharing your content easy with your lifetime access to Burst’s Enterprise Basic Plan
  • In addition to organizing your content, Burst lets you share it with others in a way that is painless
  • Access to a central repository in the cloud for all of your team’s media and its metadata
  • The Leading UGC Engagement Platform for Broadcasters | Publishers | Brands
  • Alternative to :Contently
  • Best for :Content creators,Small businesses,Videographers


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI
  • White label
  • Media Content Management
  • Video Uploading & Storage
  • User-Generated Content Acquisition
  • Group, Curate, and Organize Media
  • Find and share videos with ease


Traditional cardio for long intervals actually decrease your testosterone levels. Burst training uses 90-100% maximum effort for 30-60 seconds, then low impact for 30-60 seconds. This increases your testosterone and HGH levels. HGH signals for fat burning enzymes and is essential for burning fat off quickly.


This deal provide lifetime access for User-Generated Content Acquisition for $99 only

Burst Lifetime deal Pricing plans

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Business KPI

Founded: 2011

Country:United States

Traffic: 6.4K /M

Revenue($): 3.1K/M

Moz DA: 52

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