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Business overview

Breeze is a project management tool that lets you organize, plan, and track the progress on your projects and tasks.

Prioritize tasks and break them down into stages that must be completed before moving on, to help keep your team focused on what matters most.

Plus, you can continue to assign and monitor activities on the go using the Breeze mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

View time tracking reports, task due reports, and work activity reports to get a behind-the-scenes look at your team’s productivity.

Breeze lets you automate routine project tasks and set up recurring tasks for activities that occur on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

And because you can create tasks, add comments, and share feedback just by emailing Breeze, there’s no need to log in to the platform to get things done!

The project roadmaps feature gives you an overview of your team’s pipeline, so you can turn long-term goals into a reality.

And because each team works differently, Breeze lets you customize fields, statuses, and tags to make the platform adjust to your needs.

Breeze gives you everything you need to organize and automate your workflow, so you can boost your team’s productivity without breaking a sweat.


  • Organize plans and visualize team progress with project boards, task lists, and timelines
  • Alternative to: Trello, Basecamp, and
  • Stay in control of projects with time tracking and budgeting features
  • Best for: Designers, marketers, and project managers looking to stay on top of their projects and workload


  • Project boards, groups, and templates
  • Tasks, lists, and swimlanes
  • Unlimited storage for files and document uploads from Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive
  • Project statuses, due dates, calendars, and progress reports
  • Back up and export projects via HTML and JSON
  • Email notifications and inbox
  • Public projects and roadmaps (no Breeze account needed to view)
  • Dashboard view
  • Import tasks, recurring tasks, and public task features
  • Assign tasks, to-dos, tags, statuses, due dates, and more
  • Track time
  • Task and team calendar functions
  • Google Calendar and iCal export
  • Reporting tools: time tracking, task status and completion, bookmarks, and more
  • Export reports to CSV and open with Google Docs, Word, or anywhere else (web app, iOS, and Android)


This deal provides lifetime access for 1 account and 10 active users per account at$69.

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Satus: Active

Price: $69

Business KPI

Founded: 2012

Country:US:United States

Traffic: 13.6K /M

Revenue($): 75K/M

Moz DA: 37

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