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Blogely - Create, Organize, Plan, Research, Optimize, Publish, Promote and | Groww your SaaS business

Blogely – Create, Organize, Plan, Research, Optimize, Publish, Promote and Sell your content – Lifetime Deal



Blogely - Lifetime Deal


Business overview

Create comprehensive, media-rich content from start to finish, and document originality with the integrated AI-powered plagiarism checker.

With Blogely you can organize everything in one place and say goodbye to exhausting searches on your computer just to find a single file. You can organize assets and link to specific articles.

Save time with extensive research capabilities. No more manual copy-paste processes of time-consuming Google searches.

Create detailed Research Documents with ease. Increase traffic with easy on-page SEO optimization in 5 minutes.

No prior technical knowledge is required. Frustration-free one-click sync with WordPress without the complexities of a cumbersome CMS platform.

Sell READY-TO-PUBLISH articles directly from your private portfolio or post them for sale on Blogely’s marketplace.

Content is the most critical factor and the catalyst for website traffic.
Grow your online business with Blogely today!


  • Write high-quality original copy faster and publish it to WordPress with ease (or sell it!)
  • Organize and manage online content with all its assets in one place
  • Increase traffic by easily optimizing written content for SEO in 5 minutes without technical knowledge
  • Best for: Website owners, freelancers, bloggers, copywriters, and digital marketers


  • Onpage SEO Optimization
  • Target Primary & Secondary Keywords For Each Article
  • Auto integration with RankMatch & Yoast
  • Content Scheduling Callender
  • Auto Publishing to WordPress
  • Image Optimization & Resizing
  • Auto Table of Contents in BackEnd & Published Article
  • Article Versions & Backups
  • Sell Your Articles
  • Create a Mini LMS Platform
  • Upload and Embed Images, Videos, PDF, Word, Excel, Slides (Hosted on AWS)
  • Writer Portfolio Pages with Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammarly, Plagrism Integrated
  • DataForSEO API
  • Full Wiswig editor
  • Create Research Documents (Scrape Top 100 Results Title, Description and Their Whole Body with Multimedia!, Auto Identify Questions, Scrape Statistics, Keyword Research)
  • Add Notes Through App or Browser Extension (This is very powerful with the auto-capture feature)
  • Manage Libray of Files for Each Article
  • Collaboration with Users
  • Feedback Gathering and Control
  • Option to Sell, Sale, Public, and Donation
  • Create Freelancer Writer Bio Page
  • Show Writer Portfolio and Profile on Custom Domain with CName
  • AI Pharphrasing for Text
  • Connect Stripe and Sell (Payout Fee is 10%)
  • Fully Sync Articles With Your WordPress (You Don’t Need to Login to Publish/Edit/Delete)
  • Add Internal Links
  • and Lot more

Best for

  • Content creators
  • Copywriters


If you think the content research and publication is time consuming then this is for you. The deal is not stackable but can be purchased from different accounts if you want more codes.

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Price: $79


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Business KPI

Country:Russian Federation

Traffic: 0 /M

Revenue($): 0/M

Moz DA: 20

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