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Balloonary - Automatically generate digital ads. | Groww your SaaS business

Balloonary – Automatically generate digital ads.

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Business overview

What is Balloonary?

Balloonary helps small businesses generate and launch online ads across multiple channels in minutes.Balloonary is a fully integrated advertisement platform that lets you create and launch ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram. It uses AI technology to build ads from ad copy to ad creatives by scanning your business website.


  1. Balloonary starts by scanning the existing business websites for all the content already put online. In the ad builder, teams can then mix and match AI-powered text, image, and layout suggestions to create perfect ad in just a few clicks.
  2. Best-practice presets lets managers focus on the few choices that matter most and AI suggestions find the right custom settings with confidence. Balloonary’s dashboard makes it incredibly easy to keep an eye on the stats that matter….
  3. Running ads can be a great way to give businesses a boost. But it can also be time-consuming and complicated. Balloonary is here to help businesses stand out by generating and launching beautiful ads with the power of AI.


  • Automatically generate ad concepts, including ad copy, ad creative, and audience targeting in just a few clicks
  • Alternative to :Madgicx,Scalify,
  • Run ads across Google, Facebook, or Instagram, plus manage ad spend—all from one platform
  • Best for :Entrepreneur-curious ,Small businesses, Solopreneurs


  • GDPR-compliant
  • AI
  • Automatic ad generation
  • Compliance watchdog
  • Continuous optimization
  • Balloonary ad accounts (0% instead of 20% commission)
  • Bring your own ad account (always 0% commission)
  • Advanced ad templates
  • Team collaboration


This deal provides lifetime access for 0% commission on ad budget for $69 only

Balloonary Lifetime deal Pricing plans

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Satus: Sold Out

Price: $69

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Business KPI


Traffic: 0 /M

Revenue($): 0/M

Moz DA: 13

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